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Prompt remote support via custom connection

Remote Assistance

When assistance is required on one of its corrugated box machines (for maintenance, technical issues or anything else) Sipack provides support remotely through a dedicated modem. This allows the Sipack support staff to access the machine without going through the client company’s network.

All requests can thus be addressed quickly and autonomously, over a secure high-speed connection, with little to no involvement on the part of the client company’s personnel, and with no risk of compromising its company network.

The system relies on state-of-the-art software that promptly notifies the Sipack assistance team of any issue or potential malfunction, allowing a specialised technician to quickly intervene and minimizing the risk of equipment downtime.
The client company is simply asked to authorise any access to the machine’s software, in order to protect its safety and privacy.

All the benefits
Requests for support addressed within 24 hours0%
In-stock replacement parts sent out within 30 minutes0%
Out-of-stock parts sent out within 2 days0%
Replacement parts available in our warehouse0%

Replacements and On-Site Assistance

Sipack’s customer service centre is available to assist customers; we handle all requests for assistance promptly and thoroughly, provide estimates on replacement parts within 24 hours, and in the event of a malfunction that cannot be resolved remotely, we dispatch specialised technicians who are fluent in both Italian and English.

It is also possible to stipulate custom maintenance agreements with guaranteed response times, both for Sipack machines and corrugated box machinery by other manufacturers.

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