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Technology for converting industry, since 1996

About us

Sipack is an Italian company that designs and manufactures machines for the production of corrugated cardboard boxes.

Renowned for their flexibility and efficiency, Sipack flexo folder gluers are exceptionally versatile, durable and precise. The same is true for our other products, which include rotary die-cutters, folder-gluers, printer-slotters, and retrofits such as counter ejectors or lead edge feeders.

Most of our machines can cover the client’s entire production needs with a single line.

We take pride in upholding the highest standards of quality in every phase of our process:

  • Each of our corrugated box machines is strictly designed in-house and integrates cutting-edge technologies, to offer a top-range product of exceptional reliability.
  • All machines are made in Italy with high-quality materials, and are conceived to maintain peak performance over time.
  • A quick and attentive service of after-sales assistance is another of Sipack’s strengths. Any issues are resolved remotely through our proprietary computerised system.

All of this is made possible through a culture of dialogue and collaboration with the client, a core value of Sipack’s philosophy. We understand the nuances of the packaging industry and are steadfast in our commitment to meet your needs in the best and most innovative way.

Originality and Innovation

In an industry where standardisation is becoming the norm, Sipack stands out for its commitment to original research and in-house design, as well as for its careful selection of every component. All Sipack machinery is 100% made in Italy, to ensure clients always receive a high-end corrugated box machine.

We are receptive to advancements in our field and work hard to be innovators ourselves; the latest breakthroughs in the corrugated converting sector are quickly integrated into our designs, so that we always offer cutting-edge products.

  • Sipack was one of the very first companies to manufacture lead edge feeders.
  • Our design team has been using 3D CAD software since 2004, with obvious advantages both in terms of design efficiency and information to the customer.
  • As far back as 2005, we began designing machines with direct drive (or servo) technology, which is now a staple of our entire product range.
  • Assistance is provided remotely through cutting-edge software and with the use of a dedicated modem.

Our History

A 19,000 sqm facility, the know-how of 20 years work at the highest levels, and the constant pursuit of technological excellence: this is Sipack.

The company was founded in January 1996 by Simona and Walter Pacioni. Its roots, however, date back to the previous generation, as their father Corrado Pacioni was regarded as a national authority in the field of corrugated box-making machinery.

Today, Sipack is the successful synergy between the technical expertise of Walter Pacioni and his team, the management skills of Simona Pacioni, and an effective customer service department.

Sipack’s success story hinges on 3 key elements: a commitment to excellence in all phases of the work processes, original designs for both the complete machines and the single components, and a global network for sales and customer assistance.

foto Walter Pacioni

Walter Pacioni

Project Manager
foto Simona Pacioni

Simona Pacioni

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