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An award-winning team of 3D CAD professionals

Designed by Sipack

An excellent product doesn’t just fall from the sky. Sipack understands this, and has always placed special emphasis on the design phase, combining the know-how of its experienced draughtsmen and designers with the industry’s latest technological developments.

Our attention to detail and sensitivity to innovation yields high-performance corrugated box machines that give customers a tangible competitive advantage.

  • The greater flexibility of our Flexo Folder Gluers means the ability to make boxes both smaller and bigger than what competitors are able to achieve
  • The proven efficiency of our products means considerable energy savings
  • The superior quality of Sipack machines means less technical issues, less downtimes and less halts in production

We design exclusively using three-dimensional CAD

Designing in 3D allows us to see the machine before it is born, and to carry out simulations of every mechanism and motion. This means we're able to quickly render images and animations, as well as collect vast amounts of information about the machine before we even build it.

We strive for maximum rationality and efficiency

The best possible results through minimum components: by eliminating the unnecessary and rationalising the mechanics, we obtain a more durable and more precise product. Each of our machines is the fruit of a long process of research and optimisation, which makes them more efficient, sturdier and easier to use.

We only design direct-driven machines

Because direct-drive technology (also known as servo) is currently the best on the market: as simple as that. Servo motors offer numerous advantages compared to traditional mechanical motors, such as increased efficiency and precision, greater wear resistance and, not to be underestimated, considerable energy savings.

We design every component independently

At Sipack, we don't cut corners: each component is developed in-house to ensure seamless integration among the machine's various parts, and to obtain the best results in terms of performance. Construction and assembly are carried out partly at our plant and partly by hand-picked providers, all strictly based in Italy.

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