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Direct Drive and Computer Control

High-speed, high-precision, high-efficiency machines

Direct Drive Technology

Sipack designs its Flexo Folder-Gluers and its other corrugated box-making machines with direct drive technology (servo motors): our entire range is conceived around this mechanism.

Direct drive technology entails installing the motor directly on the axis, without a belt or other device to transmit power. This eliminates errors caused by any possible backlash, providing customers with an extraordinary level of printing and cutting precision for the entire life cycle of the product.

In this industry, adopting direct drive technology means braking with tradition and looking to the future: Sipack did so as early as 2005, when it decided to embrace this new principle for its corrugated box machinery.

While other manufacturers were merely installing direct drive motors on older, traditional systems, Sipack opted to redesign its lines from scratch, in order to exploit the full potential of the new technology, as well as to achieve levels of speed, precision and efficiency that are impossible to obtain with repurposed machines.

It’s a break with the past in the name of research, of innovation, and of making the most of what current technology has to offer: the very bases of the Sipack philosophy.

Benefits and features

  • Near-zero mechanical backlash
  • Super-fast and super-precise positioning, which results in higher cutting and printing quality
  • Consistent performance over time
  • Exceptionally quiet
  • Dramatic decrease in maintenance
  • Dramatic reduction of waste caused by jams (controlled stop)
  • No oil-based lubrication (the main transmission adaptors, highly precise, are lubricated for life)
  • Exceptional register accuracy even on very long projects
  • Lower energy consumption compared to traditional machines

Computer Control

Sipack’s computer control system is much more than a simple pre-setting: it’s a new vision for electronic management of the entire line, based on cutting-edge technologies by the leading companies in the automation sector:

  • Automation control (pressures and format positioning, alarms management, recipe management, communication management) via PLC and dedicated software
  • Innovative operator workstation with two touchscreen monitors; separate pages for the single units for settings, visualisations and positioning
  • Specific page for managing alarms history
  • Specific page for managing recipes
  • Set-up page for the single units
  • Kinematics monitoring via Motion System and dedicated software

All of the machine’s components (motor, photocell, encoder, etc.) are managed via computer, allowing for comprehensive monitoring capabilities: the old electro-mechanical systems are thus completely replaced.

The touchscreen-based operator interface is extremely simple and user-friendly, making recipe management much easier, quicker and more precise.




seconds to format positioning


axes controlled by Motion System


seconds for positioning of the axes

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