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Direct Motor Flexo Folder Gluer Installation

Direct Motor Flexo Folder Gluer Installation

Direct drive motor flexo folder gluer installation in South Italy: we have recently completed the assembly of a complete line in a box factory near the beautiful and welcoming Caserta.

The assembled machine is the Flexo Folder Gluer  ROYAL VB DD series 1272 x 3100.

Casemaker motori direttiThis machine, like the other Sipack complete lines, has a direct drive motor technology that offers numerous advantages such as guaranteeing greater printing precision, avoiding machine downtime and allowing maximum efficiency of the same by ensuring that there is a greater productivity increase.

These are 23 motors managed by a motion system to ensure high performance and flexibility even in the case of small packs.

Thanks to our technical team, the royal flexo folder gluer was made operational in a few weeks.

An important thing to remember is that each Sipack machine is designed for the Industry 4.0 connection



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