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Habits, trends and incentives – keywords for this 2021!


Habits, trends and incentives – keywords for this 2021!

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Last year has left an indelible mark on our lives, personally and professionally. If for someone, the months of 2020 have been endless and exhausting, for others they have turned into opportunities.

Lockdown highlighted how the buying habits and behaviors changed, leading more consumers to multi-channel purchases such as Click & Collect/Drive +349%, Home delivery +99% and E-commerce +118% (data provided by the magazine Largo Consumo) and online demand has also skyrocketed in terms of volumes even for products that until the previous year were purchased only in stores.

The customer became smarter and moved out of his “comfort zone”, while maintaining the “green” side. Methods of purchase have changed but the importance and attention to eco-sustainable issues have remained key points for the Italian buyer.

An analysis, provided by the “Packaging of consumption” Observatory, shows that paper and cardboard packaging are chosen because the materials have low environmental impact and are easy to recycle. Confirmation of the positive trend in the sector in recent years, is how the transformation of corrugated cardboard is reacting well to the difficulty of 2020: it has benefited both from the trend of food consumption and online sales.



To support Italian companies is the “Legge di Bilancio 2021” that confirmed or improved some situations already in place in the previous year. Companies can be structured, renewed and put their foot on the accelerator for digitalization, benefiting from this plan.




Royal VB DDTechnology

Investing in Italian machines, is a lynchpin in cardboard technology. Machinery designed by Italian minds has always been at state of the art, with particular attention to the finished product and after-sales services.

Nowadays Sipack offers Royal VB DD Flexo Folder Gluer, a top-quality line with bottom printing, that quickly converts every sheet of cardboard introduced. The direct drives, installed on each single shaft, guarantee precision even on complex prints and economize on material costs and product changes.

The slotter, with four pairs of shafts, has been equipped with a robot slotter that precisely moves the cutting heads to any position. Vacuum transport and toothed belts accompany the box until complete closure, without fish-tailing, and the pneumatic pressure wheel system crushes the sides of the box preventing its re-opening; finally, the top-loading Royal counter ejector is fast, precise and suitable for all types of boxes, even those particularly die-cut, completes this line in terms of quality and efficiency.

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