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Counter Ejector Royal

This counter-ejector is an ideal complement for all types of corrugated box production, and is especially well-suited for making die-cut boxes.

Effective even at the highest of speeds, its set-up is extremely quick, easy and completely automatic. Sheets enter the squaring section from top to bottom, making the machine ideal even for heavily die-cut boxes.

The squared bundle is ejected through motorised conveyors belts and an upper free-rolling conveyor, to prevent bundle instability.

Designed with 100% direct-drive motors, this counter-ejector is fast, precise and suitable even for the more unusual jobs. It can be installed onto flexo folder-gluers of any make or model.


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1150*1100 / 1150*1600 / 1700*1600 / 1700*1800 / 2000*1600


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