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Printer Slotters

Corrugated cardboard box-making machinery

For its printer-slotters, Sipack has chosen to offer exclusively direct-driven machines, completely automatic and capable of running the entire production cycle via computer, for results guaranteed to meet the highest standards of quality.

Like all of its corrugated box machinery, Sipack printer-slotters are 100% Made in Italy and are the product of a painstaking in-house design process. Sipack’s machines exploit direct drive technology to its fullest potential, and consistently top the competition as far as size and format flexibility.

Benefits and Features

  • Extremely precise lead edge feeder, also available in 100% direct drive version
  • The printing units can be equipped with carbon doctor blade chambers
  • The slotter unit is available with either single or double slotting shaft
  • Rotary die-cutter with option of automatic blocking system for the die-cutting unit

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