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Sipack in the world

Italian pride

Sipack was born and developed in the Lucca area, the most important district of corrugated paper and cardboard in Europe.

Some figures in this industry: 130 companies producing converting tissue and corrugated cardboard, with a turnover of 3,500 million euros and a number of employees over 6,500.

Besides these numbers, the engineering sector of ompanies producing machinery has a turnover of over 2,500 million euros and a number of employees of over 8,000 units.


Sipack In the World

In the first ten years since its foundation, Sipack has firmly established itself in the Italian market.

Since 2010, the design and construction quality of Sipack machinery for corrugated cardboard has also attracted interest in Europe and worldwide.

Nowadays, installations of Flexo Folder Gluer, Printer slotters, Rotary die-cutter, Folder gluer, Feeder and Sipack Counter ejector can be found in various European and non-European countries.


Sipack In India

Since 2018, Sipack enters the Indian market. The participation in IndiaCORR is an opportunity to present to Indian public the concrete advantages that a Sipack retrofit installed on old lines can offer: the guarantee of a significant increase in productivity, higher quality of production, less waste.


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Mr. Surjya Ganguly

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